Which Is the Best Credit Bureau?

30-Aug-2017 written by : FSI-Team

It's a good thing that people are becoming increasingly informed and more responsible towards their credit behavior. It's in fact quite important in today's era where banks have tightened the rules for loan sanctions.

If you are applying for a personal loan or home loan for the first time, then it's natural to have your doubts regarding the impact of your credit report on your loan application. One of the most common things people want to know is "which is the best credit bureau in India?". Unfortunately, the truth is not that simple.

Still, to get started- the following are some of the best credit bureaus in India that you should know about:


CIBIL is probably the most prominent credit rating agency in India and is associated with a large number of banks and NBFCs.

CIBIL is known for its portfolio review reports services, company credit information reports, etc.

2. Equifax

Equifax received its license to start the operations in India in 2010. Today, the company offers a variety of services to individuals such as risk scoring, portfolio reviews, credit information reports, etc. It also offers enterprise-level services to companies such as credit and fraud management, etc.

3. Crisil Limited

Crisil is a risk and policy advisory and credit rating company based in Mumbai. It was established in 1987 and was the first credit rating agency in India. With over 61,000 entities assessed by the company, today Crisil has become a global leader in credit evaluation and advisory services.

4. ICRA Limited

Based on Gurgaon, Haryana, ICRA Limited in an investment information and credit rating company which is also a joint venture between Moody's investors and many other financial services companies under its wing.

5. Experian

Experian is an international credit rating and analytics company with over 17,000 employees in 37 different countries. In India, the company provides its services under the name Experian Credit Information Company of India Private Ltd which is a joint venture with Sundaram Finance Ltd, Indian Bank, Axis Bank, and a few other such entities.

6. CRIF High Mark

CRIF High Mark is India's only "all-rounder" credit rating company that caters to all kinds of borrowers, let it be retail consumers, MSME and commercial borrowers, microfinance borrowers, etc.

CRIF High Mark provides credit rating and analytics services apart from encouraging a mature credit culture in the Indian economy.

So, which one's the best?

As mentioned earlier, it's not easy to say which is the best credit bureau in India. However, the good news is that it's not important.

You don’t really need to find out which is the best credit rating agency in India to improve your chances of a personal loan or car loan approval. This is because while the score calculation methods of different credit rating agencies vary, they are all based on the same principles. To test this, you can even get a free credit report from different agencies and compare them all.

Since different credit bureaus follow a different scoring range, your credit score may vary a lot from one bureau to another. However, you will definitely notice a pattern.

For instance, if your CIBIL score is 400, which is quite low because the score range followed by CIBIL is 300-900, then your Equifax score should be around 100-250 because it follows a range of 1-999. However, what's common in each free credit report is that your score is below average and you need to work on it.


It's important to educate yourself on the good "credit habits" to build a high credit score. However, learning about the "best credit bureau" shouldn't be one of them. This is because the basics of improving your credit score are the same at every bureau.

So, by doing the right things, such as paying credit card bills on time, avoiding high debt accumulation, avoiding maxing out your credit cards, etc. you can increase your creditworthiness. For monitoring purposes, you can focus on the free credit report offered by just one particular credit bureau. If you can improve your score in that report, you will most likely increase it in other reports too.



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