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28-Aug-2015 written by : FSI-Team

Credit Health

Planning to buy your “Dream Home” or a “Vehicle” that you have been passionate to own or Get a “Credit Card” to help you purchase on credit or expand your “Business Venture”? Wishing for Your Dreams to Come True? Now that you have decided to Live Your Dreams, have you done a check on your personal / Company’s Credit Worthiness?

Banks approve or reject loans based on your CIBIL Credit Report. For individuals, additionally they check on the CIBIL TransUnion Score. Puzzled what this is all about? Read on…

Before approaching any lending or financial institutions like banks to apply for a housing loan / a Personal loan / a vehicle loan / a credit card / a business loan, you must get your Credit Report First!

What is a CIBIL Score / CIBIL TransUnion Score?

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited, known as CIBIL is a Credit Information Company. CIBIL maintains records of individual and company credit history, submitted to them by lending Institutions across India.

Individuals are rated and given a CIBIL TransUnion Score ranging from 300 to 900. Higher the Score, greater the chance to get a loan or credit card application approved. 79% of loans are approved to individual borrowers with a score greater than 750. In addition, individuals will get A Credit Information Report (CIR)

What is Credit Information Report (CIR) and Company Credit Report (CCR)?

The Individual Credit Information Report and Company Credit Report give in-depth details in terms of past applications for the loan / credit card, approval / rejection of the same, amount sanctioned, repayment pattern, closure, defaults if any, and the like.
It’s quiet comprehensive and shows that somebody knows your credit history better than you do. And banks / other lending institutions quickly check with CIBIL before the sanction of loans / credit cards. Any individual / company with a PAN card can register to get the CIBIL Information Report / Company Credit Report. The registration process is hassle free and can be completed quickly online.

How to Get the Individual CIBIL Score and the Credit Information Report?

The Registration is a short three step process and right away, the Score and CIR are accessible. All you need to pay is Rs.500/-

The Registration Process:

  • Step 1: Click on the link: and fill in the form with personal details, contact details, Identification & Address Proof Details and account number of one or two previous loans or credit cards.
  • Step 2: Make an online payment of Rs.500/- via Net banking / Debit / Credit / Cash Card
  • Step 3: Answer at least three of the five questions asked about your credit history like loans being serviced and credit card being held. Once the authentication is complete, on the same day the personalized score and CIR will be mailed to you.

In case the authentication fails, you just need to send the hard copy of the online CIBIL Score application having the CIBIL transaction ID along with hard copy of address and ID proof to CIBIL. After verification, CIBIL will send the hard copy of the CIR to your address.

How to Get Company Credit Report? Getting the Credit Report for your company is just as easy. The amount to be paid in this case is Rs. 2560/-

The Registration Process:

  • Step 1: Click on the link and fill in the CCR Request Form with basic details about the company, your relationship
  • Step 2: Make an online payment of Rs.2560/- via Net banking / Debit / Credit / Cash Card
  • Step 3: On successful completion of payment, you will receive a unique CIBIL Registration ID and Transaction ID with your email ID.
  • Step 4: Upload KYC documents and the CCR are delivered to you.

Now that you have your Credit Report in hand, get in touch with our credit experts to assist you in improving your Credit Score and thus fulfil your dreams.



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