Is Getting Free CIBIL Score Possible In India?

17-Dec-2016 written by : FSI-Team

What would you say if we told you, yes it is possible to get a free copy of your CIBIL score in India? “Yahoo!”, may be? A lot of people do not know this but yes it is possible to get a copy of your free credit score. This service is available to all resident Indians. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, get online, go to and place a request. Let us look at how this works:

The team at is committed to the cause of spreading awareness about “credit wellness among masses since it plays a very important role in the financial well being of an individual”, says their website.

Traditionally, people would go to and request a copy of their score and credit information report. But it is not available for free. You can get instant access to your report upon onetime payment of Rs. 550/-. Recently CIBIL has introduced subscription services, wherein you can opt for a quarterly viewing of your report. It costs you only Rs. 1200/-, which means Rs. 300/- for each time your report is mailed to you. Incase you would like a bi-annual subscription, they ask for Rs. 800/-, which again means Rs. 400/- per report. Whatever way you look at it, you will have to make a payment to view a report that is your own.

This is no secret that, unlike in India, in the western countries people can request for a copy of their report for free, once every year. However, this concept is new in India. It is estimated that more than 70% of Indians are still unaware about its existence. Making the credit report available for free, once a year, will find more takers and help spread knowledge about it. When people are aware of their score and its impact on their future financial needs, they will be more conscious of their monetary practices and make prudent financial choices. This will smoothen out the kinks in the financial ecosystem, both at the micro and macro level.

Busting Some Myths

There are some myths surrounding extraction of your report from the files of CIBIL. Let us bust some of them for you:

  • “Soft enquiry”: Every time a prospective lender asks for your credit report from the bureau, it is considered a “hard enquiry” into your credit profile. This is so because no financial institution is allowed to take a peek into it unless you have authorized it to do so by way of application for a loan or credit card. Thus, it leads your score to slide down a few points. However, when you enquire into your own report, there is no such implication. Although there is a cost associated to it but no matter how many number of times you recall your report, it has no bearing on your score. It is therefore termed as a “soft enquiry”.
  • Identity Theft: Cases of identity theft are real and widely reported globally. It is difficult to identify a case of identity theft, especially incase of loans, unless you see them being reported in your CIR. There could be misreporting or other information appearing in your report that is discrepant. You can raise a CIBIL dispute to resolve it. The process takes a good 30 – 45 days but if resolved in your favour, it can help your score to ascend a few points.
  • Don’t need loan. Don’t need Credit Score: Whether you like it or not, your information is reported to the bureau by its member banks. You cannot remove your name from CIBIL’s database as it is mandatory for member banks to report their client information for calculation of credit score. Your information, though is kept confidential, but can be shared with banks and other lending institutions if you authorize them to see it. You may not need a loan today but whenever you do, your score will be viewed as a first step in screening your loan application. Experts say you must check your report atleast once a year even if you are not looking to apply for credit in the near future.
  • No way can my score improve: Your score is not etched in stone. By adopting ways to improve your score fast you can achieve it in a short span of time. If you feel lost at this task then, it is best to get in touch with accomplished credit repair companies to guide you. So, whether you have a good score or a poor one, you may need to constantly review your score. Why pay for it?



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