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08-April-2015 written by : FSI-Team

A credit score is a numerical score that summarizes each individual’s credit history, that is, how much money he or she loaned and whether the credit has been repaid or not etc. If you are applying for a loan, be it education loan, home loan, business loan or any kinds of loan, the credit lender will check your credit score and credit report, so that they could understand how able you are to borrow and repay the money. If they are satisfied with the credit reports then only they will grant you the loan.

Some people may wonder how to get credit score. The answer is really simple, if you ever have taken loan or have a credit card or bought products on EMI, then you must have a credit history and credit score. Various credit bureaus and credit companies like Credit Sudhaar collects the record of an individual’s payments regarding loans and credit cards and thus determine the credit score.

About Credit Sudhaar

Credit Sudhaar Is a credit health management organization. It helps its clients to enhance their credit profile as well as help in saving money. It was established on 2010 and thereafter gained immense popularity among the mass. Now it is one of the leading credit health management companies in India. The company is operated by experienced credit professionals who help the clients to maintain their credit healthy and to save money.

Credit Sudhaar, in 2013, launched a new website called This website- is created with the goal of providing free credit estimations to individuals.

Most of the credit reports such as CIBIL credit report, Experian credit report costs money. You have to pay money to get your credit reports each time. Therefore, for some people it gets a little expensive but they have to get the credit reports just because it’s a matter of security and future. The freescoreindia website is completely different from the other credit health management companies in this regard. Credit Sudhaar has launched this company to enable the clients to get credit reports for free. One just has to log in to the website and get the credit rating absolutely free. Therefore, this is a great website for the people who are in need for credit ratings but cannot spend too much money.

Benefits –

  • If one gets a free credit score, then the person will be able to detect any error or mistakes in his credit report. This wrong information can be the result of identity theft which is a dire problem for the credit card holders. Regular checking of your report will allow immediate reactions and will let you catch the criminal who is using your name for his personal purposes.
  • The close monitoring of credit scores via obtaining the free credit score from freescoreindia, sometimes provides you an access to some reports that you have forgotten about or unfamiliar to you. For example, if you have taken free subscriptions years ago and forgotten about it, but there are fees associated with it now. These exclusive reports allow you to search for these forgotten expenditures.
  • It also allows you to find ways to improve your credit scores.



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