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09-Nov-2015 written by : FSI-Team

Credit Sudhaar is India’s premier credit health management company. Founded in 2010, it has grown significantly since then, contributing to making the country credit healthy. The company has its presence across various locations and offers a range of services for individuals. It is registered as an NBFC with the Reserve Bank of India.

What does Credit Sudhaar do?

Run by credit professionals with rich experience in credit analytics and research, the Company’s vision is to enhance and protect an individual’s credit throughout the various stages of the credit life cycle. With this, not only does the consumer’s credit health get a boost, but over the long term, it would also help them save money.

In keeping with this, Credit Sudhaar offers various credit health packages to suit an individual’s needs. Attractively priced, the packages include:

  • CHR Plus
  • Platinum Plan
  • Titanium Plan
  • Ultimate Plan
  • Ultimate Premium Lane

What all do the services include?

While the services differ across each of the above mentioned packages, they are designed to provide optimum benefit to the consumer.

Some of these include providing the below mentioned facilities:

  • Credit report
  • A comprehensive analysis of the credit score (Credit Health Report)
  • Credit score
  • Social score

With the premium packages, you can expect to avail of additional benefits including:

  • Extended legal assistance, i.e. should you find inaccurate information in your report, Credit Sudhaar would help you with getting the expert guidance of some of the sharpest minds in the legal field to sort out these glitches.
  • ATM assault and robbery – Should you find yourself being robbed when walking out of an ATM, this facility provides you with insurance cover1 to protect you against the same.
  • Lost wallet protection – In case your wallet is lost or stolen, there is a certain amount of cover2 available to protect you from the same.

While the above services are for individual consumers, Credit Sudhaar extends their expertise to corporate clients as well. So should you want to know the credit health of your company, you could avail of this package which includes various protection tools in addition to providing a step-by-step plan to enhance the company’s credit health.

When should you contact Credit Sudhaar?

With credit reports now required across a range of financial services, it becomes imperative to keep track of your score. A higher score betters the chances of your loan or credit card application being approved, and at the best interest rates and other terms.

Hence, if your score is lower than you would expect – or want – it to be, you should consider availing of the services that are offered by Credit Sudhaar, selecting a plan that is best suited to your needs. Together, you would be able to work towards not just improving your credit score, but also enhancing it over a period of time.

Ultimately, with a better score, you can avail of a loan or card at the best terms, when you really do wish to apply for one. This can be done with the timely help of credit counselling.

When can you expect to see a change?

Credit history is something that takes a long period of time to restore and rebuild, if it has been damaged. Typically, most customers start to notice a change in their credit reports within a 12-month timeframe. This however can differ from individual to individual, depending upon the goals that you would like to achieve through counselling. The most important step is taking the decision to better your credit health.

Customer experience

With positive customer experiences, Credit Sudhaar has been able to gain acceptance quickly. When we at FSI spoke to some Credit Sudhaar customers, the feedback we received was very encouraging.

A majority of the customers were extremely happy with the service levels provided by the company, especially with regards to the credit counsellors. With their professional demeanour, these subject matter experts were well-equipped to handle all queries with ease and could provide relevant information and guidance. Most of the customers we asked appreciated the counselling calls made by Credit Sudhaar, at regular intervals to customers. Customers especially acknowledged the service provided with regards to multi bureau analysis, i.e. wherein reports across all four credit bureaus, or credit information companies are analysed together. This, according to customer feedback, made it simpler to check for errors in all reports in tandem, and have them rectified as needed. Overall, customers claimed to have had a positive experience with Credit Sudhaar, and judged the cost of the services provided to be amply worthy of the quality.

Credit Sudhaar in the news

Credit reports and scores are now gaining importance in India, especially with regards to financial services. Lenders typically do not extend fresh lines of credit to a customer without checking the credit score. Hence, given the line of business, Credit Sudhaar has been featured in some of the most prominent newspapers and publications for their work.

How can you reach Credit Sudhaar?

To know more about the plans and services offered by Credit Sudhaar, you could visit their website, We found that they are also very responsive to email as well as telephonic queries.



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