Can I Really Get My Credit Score For Free?

05-Jan-2018 written by : FSI-Team

Can I Really Get My Credit Score For Free?

Credit scores have become an integral part of our financial life. Access to loans and other forms of credit, interest we pay on them, insurance premiums and now even jobs are affected by what score a person has.

A good credit score not only makes it easy for us to secure loans whenever we need them, it also ensures that we get them at competitive rates. By maintaining good financial habits and paying the bills on time one can ensure a good credit history. But that isn't enough. One needs to monitor the credit rating regularly to make sure that one is moving on the right track and also whether the information recorded by the bureau is correct or not.

This can easily be done by ordering the credit score and report from the three credit bureaus who maintain all the records relating to out finances and arrive at a score. Earlier one had to pay a certain amount to gain access to this information. But according to the RBI guidelines, from the year 2017, bureaus will provide this information for free once every year. This has made it all the more easy to keep a check on one's credit health. It has motivated many individuals to take their credit score seriously. Let’s have a look at the options we have to gain access to the free credit score and report.

Direct report from the Credit Information Company

You can gain free access to your credit report and score once every year from all the credit bureaus who keep a record of your credit information. Equifax, Experion, CIBIL and Crif Highmark all have details of your past trade lines and how you have repaid these obligations. However, each bureau has its own algorithm to arrive at a score. So it is better to check your score from all these bureaus, as you might not know which score your lenders will check to evaluate your creditworthiness. You just need to log on to the website and order the report. You may be asked to answer a few authenticating questions to validate the identity. Some bureaus require you to create an account first. The report and score will be sent to you in digital format, absolutely free of cost.

Report from a credit advisory companies

While the free report and score from the bureaus have made it easy to access this information, it still isn't of much use to many individuals. The reason is that people fail to comprehend what their score and report details imply, and what is required of them to improve their credit rating.

There are several credit advisory services that not only provide free credit score but also a detailed analytical assessment of the report. Such an analysis helps one gain an in-depth understanding of one's credit health. It also helps in monitoring whether the information reported by the bureau is correct or not.

Their services don't end here. They even provide advice on how to improve one's credit score and get one's financial life back on track. They provide complete clarity on the factors that affect your score, and the areas one needs to work upon to improve credit score. If one finds it difficult to get loans because of a low score, then these companies come to their rescue. They offer financial products like personal loans for low CIBIL score. By taking these loans and repaying them back in a timely fashion, one can start rebuilding one’s credit. One can order free credit score by creating an account and signing up on their website.

So if you want to be in complete command of your personal finances, order your free score from CreditSudhaar. Fill in the online application form by providing basic details and the reason for checking the report. You will receive your free score and report within 3 working days. You will not only know your current credit situation, but also gain access to ways that can help you improve credit score. You will be able to rectify errors in the report, close your bad loans and improve credit health so that you become eligible for loans in future at competitive rates.



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