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As the name suggests, FreeScoreIndia is a venture of India's first and leading Credit Health improvement company and is the easiest and simplest way to access your credit score and determine how healthy you are with reference to credit. This highly useful tool is the brainchild of Credit Sudhaar conceived in an attempt to make people aware about the nuances of their credit score.

The credit rating is a numerical expression that amounts your entire credit history starting right from your timely repayment of loans, credit card bills, electricity, telecom and even your library bills. The score starts from 300 to 900 points and anything between 800 to 900 points are considered to be decent and satisfactory. The credit bureaus like and EQUIFAX collate this data and customers have to collect it from them by paying a certain amount. Your CIBIL credit report cost money.

With freescoreindia, however, you can get your credit rating absolutely free. The process is a simple, one can just log in to get your Credit Score. With your credit report in hand, you can now see for yourself where you stand. If it is a good score, try to maintain and further enhance it. And if it is a poor one, there is Credit Sudhaar to improve it.

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